The beauty is draw everything that makes you feel free    — Manzi

Antonio Manzi was born in Montella, near Avellino, on 15 March 1953. In 1957 he moved to Florence, where he still lives and works. Self-taught, Manzi began painting at a very young age, his extraordinary talent evident in his powerful brush strokes and bold lines. After an initial period dominated mainly by drawing and engraving, with extensive use of the drypoint technique, he went on to become exceptionally skilled rst in sculpting pottery and then in large and small bronzes and marbles. Over the years he has demonstrated an incredible artistic versatility and eclecticism, also producing frescoes, engravings and collages. Lately he has directed his creative energies towards a series of luminous paintings in a welter of magnetic, explosive colours.

 مسك الحياة جنين مكس